Alzheimer’s Disease – A Growing Problem with Ageing Population


COSMA is a personalised cognitive stimulation therapy designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia. It is the first and only therapy to incorporate a truly personalised approach and undergo a continuous scientific and clinical approach to prove its efficacy.

COSMA Therapy is designed to help carers, doctors and family members understand the progression and symptoms of the disease and aims at achieving cognitive, emotional, and spiritual wellness for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia.

“With the personalised content uploaded it becomes an enjoyable experience to bring back memories of places, people and events from the present and the past.”

BrainBerry is developing ‘COSMA Neurofeedback System’ consisting of a 12-electrode EEG headset with an AI-driven neurofeedback mechanism within a cloud-sever, that captures a patient’s brain wave activity whilst playing the COSMA CBT app, and autonomously tailors gaming therapies for each patient, shifting cognitive function over time towards that of a healthy person.

The COSMA monitoring headset device advances game therapy using brain data from the headset and brain-analytics algorithm, validating the gamification treatment.

The advanced COSMA-Neurofeedback-Device(Personalised Therapeutic Tool) embeds an AI-therapeutic algorithm that identifies a patient’s symptoms, automatically changing/selecting game therapies, targeting those symptoms.


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