Our Cognitive Stimulation Therapy brings hope and support to patients with neurological disorders

Our unique artificial intelligence and personalised enabled cognitive stimulation therapy to use at home will change patients journey and help them improve and maintain their neurological symptoms.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Our therapy is provided via serious games based apps that will improve cognitive function and provide functional behavior analysis.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Our unique Neurofeedback therapy is a wearable headset designed for home use. The combination of gamified app, neurofeedback headset and artificial intelligence provide targeted personalized therapy.

Health Ecosystems

Our technology sits under an encrypted framework that interconnects different healthcare stakeholders. This leads to an ecosystem that supports patient-centric treatment journeys.

Disruptive NeuroTech for Healthy Brain

BrainBerry is a growing Medtech company passionate about developing non-pharmacological solutions with the potential to transform the lives of people with neurological disorders.

Our advanced and disruptive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy solutions focus on continuous monitoring, therapeutic and diagnostic biomarkers for growing neurological disorders.

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Our Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Technology

COSMA app for dementia

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – Digital App

Our therapy is an advanced serious game-based digital apps targeted at neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke rehabilitation, Cognitive disorders. These gamified apps are under clinical trials and aim to improve cognitive, emotional and behavioural wellness. Unlike other cognitive app products, our apps can provide detailed individualized reports based on each user’s abilities and responses to the activities via cognitive scores.

Advanced Neurofeedback Headset

Our neurofeedback headset is a combined technology of gamification app and brainwaves measuring headset that monitors the user’s brain activity in real-time whilst playing the cognitive games. Our deep-learning machine learning technology is specially designed to correlate the games based cognitive measurements and brainwaves. Our machine learning systems are developed for monitoring, diagnosis, therapeutic and prognosis of neurological conditions. These algorithms make cognitive behavioral therapy a targeted individualized therapy for each user but also becomes a powerful tool in the prognosis of any disease population.

We are driven by values

BrainBerry has taken a scientific approach in developing its digital technologies and is persistent to go through continuous clinical trials to prove the efficacy of its technologies for neurological disorders.

BrainBerry is keen on providing solutions that make an impact on people living with neurological disorders and aim to improve the mental well-being of the global population to the best possible us.

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