Who We Are

Founded in 2015 by Managing Director, Kartheka Bojan, Cerebrum Matter is a research and development start-up that is leading the charge against early onset symptoms of dementia.

Our idea of digital healthcare came to the fore in 2016 when the company’s bootstrapping stage, leading to the idea of a therapy software highly focused on Mental well-being. The development of the software tunnelled into the R&D process by end of 2016, leading us to start working on conducting a clinical trial with people to develop an evidence-based product aiming sincerely at treating cognitive declination, depression, anger & anxiety, the logical reasoning which are considered to leading onset symptoms of dementia.

Primarily focussed on researching the effects of neurofeedback and developing market-leading technology to help those suffering from early onset symptoms of dementia and also healthy individuals aiming to prevent the declination of Brain functions.dementia, We are currently working on two key products; COSMA Neurofeedback software for mental fitness for the ageing population and a Diagnostic EEG system which will be able to detect early signs of dementia.

By focussing on both the prevention of long-term memory loss and catching dementia early, our pending patented technology will change the face of individuals, hospitals and care homes around the world, through the power of science, technology and mental wellness.


We are working hard to become thought and research leaders in the field of cognitive therapy and neurofeedback.

Through constant and intense programme of research and development, we want to bring progressive technology to the fore and fight dementia without the involvement of drugs.


Our mission is to prevent and reduce early onset dementia, whilst continually fighting the reliance of prescribed drugs for suffers of the disease and promoting mental wellness.