Our Research

Discover more about our current research projects below including new products, clinical trials, the latest in neurofeedback and much more.

The theory of neurofeedback can be traced back many years, however it was Dr Joe Kamiya in modern times who realised we could alter our brain activity with a reward system.

Dr Barry Sterman also tested Sensory Motor Rhythm in both cats and humans to realise that through a reward system, both cats and humans could be trained to control their brain activity, something NASA use for their astronauts in 2018.

Although neurofeedback and neuroscience have been through several periods of rejection by modern medicine, by the 90’s the field started to become much more recognised and widely used which allowed for new advances in technology.

The field of neurofeedback has only got stronger ever since and the work we do here at Cerebrum Matter looks to develop on current studies and unveil highly sophisticated systems and methods to help those with dementia.

Watch the video below to learn more about how neurofeedback can help you or your loved one.

Courtesy of AboutNeurofeedback