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Technology based on neuroplasticity


BrainBerry develops its technology based on the science of neuroplasticity in a personalised manner, to drive engagement with a suite of comprehensive modules and to maximise the benefits of using the mental well-being therapy.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change chemically, structurally and functionally at any age. Our technology effectively utilises neuroplasticity within its stimulation games to enable users to “rewire” their brains associations areas and emotional responses. The potential to offset and negate some of the damage sustained through focusing on re-wiring new areas of the brain.




Your brain has the ability to change and adapt its functionalities irrespective of one’s age.

COSMA Clinical Trials

The current clinical trials are focusing on how COSMA can positively impact upon the four elements below in relation to helping people with Dementia.

Preliminary Trials – COSMA Therapy with healthy volunteers – 2018

Our preliminary study at University of Leicester measured brain wave activity in healthy individuals pre (day 1) and post (day 8) playing the COSMA games at home for 7 days. Results showed DIFFERENT BRAINWAVES AND BRAIN REGIONS ACTIVATED FOR different gaming tasks indicating a positive further research for the possibility of cognitive and emotional enhancement using COSMA for people diagnosed with dementia.

Phase II – COSMA Therapy and neurofeedback with dementia patients – 2019 – 2021

The study is currently conducted in Research and development in Bangalore Neuro Centre in India. It is a randomised, comparative, two arm clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of gaming platform COSMA in Adults with Mild Neurocognitive Impairment and Dementia Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. The subjects enrolled in this study are divided into COSMA Players – who are to play COSMA every day for 28 days and CONTROL Players.

Pilot Study – COSMA Therapy Usabiltiy and Emotional Measurement with dementia Volunteers – 2019

Our pilot emotional well-being study was conducted in the Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) research centre in Greece with people with MCI and dementia (AD and VD) who played the COSMA games and answered a PANAS questionnaire before and after they interacted with the games. Results demonstrated significant increase in positive and significant decrease in negative emotions in both groups after interacting with COSMA.

Phase II – COSMA Neurofeedback Headset trials with Dementia Patients – 2021

BrainBerry is in Collaboration with University Leicester via MRC (Medical Research Council) Impact Award for the development of further neurofeedback COSMA headset and the preliminary trails with healthy volunteers are conducted in University of Leicester.

Volunteer in our ongoing and Future Clinical Trials

Usability Study - COSMA Software,

Ongoing | Loughborough
5 Oakwood Drive
ATIC Building
Loughborough, LE11 3QF

Ongoing | Chinese National Health Centre
29-30 Soho Square, Soho,
London W1D 3QS, UK
Looking for volunteers aged 60 and above to test the human factors on the Cognitive Software COSMA

Brainwave measurement Using COSMA Software

Ongoing | George Davies Centre,
15 Lancaster Rd, Leicester LE1 7HA, UK
The study will include measuring brainwaves (EEG) while playing our COSMA Software for a week to measure cognitive and mood improvements.


Improved Quality ofLife for Dementia People using COSMA Software

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The study will include measuring cognitive and mental well-being of both users and carers to help care homes provide best care on dementia and improve their CQC.