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Mild Cognitive Impairment
Alzheimer’s Disease
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Our Clinical Trials

BrainBerry’s current clinical trials are focusing on how COSMA can positively impact as a CBT treatment both through standalone gamification and advanced EEG techniques to impact the lives of people with Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms.

Our Clinical Trials

brainplasticity backed clinical trials

Science of Brain Plasticity

BrainBerry develops its technology based on the science of Brainplasticity in a personalised manner, to drive engagement with a suite of comprehensive modules and to maximise the benefits of using cognitive behavioral therapy for any patient.

Brain plasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change chemically, structurally and functionally at any age. Our technology effectively utilises neuroplasticity within its stimulation games to enable users to “rewire” their brains associations areas and emotional responses. The potential to offset and negate some of the damage sustained through focusing on re-wiring new areas of the brain.

Our Current Trials

It is a randomised, comparative, two-arm clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of gamified CBT COSMA app in Adults with Mild Neurocognitive Impairment and Dementia Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

It is one arm study on healthy volunteers aged between 45-65 to get the weights on the cognitive measurements on the COSMA gamified app.

It is a randomised, comparative, two-arm clinical study to evaluate the treatment effectiveness of COSMA Neurofeedback Headset in Alzheimer’s Disease.

It is a one arm study to conduct usability and safety study on both COSMA gamified app and headset as a Neurofeedback CBT system.

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