Our Story

BrainBerry stems from our founder’s personal experience of accompanying her grandmother through a rough journey on Alzheimer’s Disease, a decade ago.

Our idea of digital therapy via gamification came to the fore in 2016 during BrainBerry’s bootstrapping stage, leading to the idea of serious games therapy initially focused on Alzheimer’s Disease, to begin with.

The development of the therapeutic based gamified app for Alzheimer’s Disease tunnelled into the R&D process by the end of 2017, leading us to clinical pathways to treat not only cognitive degradation in dementia but also in other types of dementia, stroke and other neurological disorders like insomnia symptoms, anxiety and depression.

How is BrainBerry different?

BrainBerry is dedicated to the research and development of effective non-pharmacological digital CBT therapies and home-based personalized neurofeedback therapies which will have a massive impact on both the cognitive and psychological wellness of people with neurological disorders.

BrainBerry is committed to clinical pathways through validating its technology through clinical trials to prove the efficacy of its disruptive technology.



Super Efficient

We are not only disruptive and innovative but highly efficient in bringing our projects sooner to market to make an impact in patients lives.

Deeply Committed

We are committed to clinical pathways for digital therapies and building highly secured and functional health ecosystems.

Highly Skilled

Our Team is highly skilled and has a highly connected network to push our technology to the market.

BrainBerry Team


Kartheka Bojan

Chief Executive Officer

Valerie Chua

Chief Marketing Officer

Aikaterinni Christogianni

Chief Clinical Officer

Elizabeta Mukaetova

Scientific Advisor

Robert Hehekaya

Business Development Advisor

Adnan Asfiq

Regulatory Advisor

BrainBerry – Pioneers in health ecosystems

We are creating a health ecosystem that is not only beneficial to its customers and their loved ones, but also to the health community as a whole. BrainBerry has set the data and healthcare security guidelines to increase product benefits to all healthcare stakeholders.